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DISCLAIMER: The formatting is screwing with my lines on my Form. Its supposed to b varying number of lines..sigh.

Dear Zonk.

Every once in a while one of you asks to be featured here on this blog. Which doesn't mean I do a full scale article on you and put up a picture of you here and stuff, nobody wants to see your picture and nobody wants to read what my blog has to say about your picture; I hope I'm not being too hard on you but oh baby baby its a wild world and its time you learnt that. 
Now, moving on. Every once in a while some of the boreder (not to be confused with border) of my friends says to me "eh write something nice about me I feel whiny" and I say sigh. Sucks to have to tell all of em that I'm a little tied up right now watching whatever it is that I'm watching (and that's That 70's show for now, which is a cool show but doesn't hold a candle to Scrubs no way) so how about we do this next year? Now in the meantime, since I'm getting all worn out due to this Disappointing of People that I've been doing, (don't forget about my Sunny Disposition and my Heart which is in the Right Place) I've decided that I should leave a Form here for Hopeful Featurees to fill out. So here goes:
NAME: __________________________________
PSEUDONYM (in case you aren't too thrilled about your name): _____________________________
CALL ME WHAT YOU WANT (for those who have terrible name picking tendencies and would rather not sabotage this again) : Yes / No    
WHY ALL OF ZONK NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT ME (please answer in 6-8 sentences): _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
WHY I AM THE ALPHA ZONK (Keep it short. We have other things to do): ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
(Yes that line really did end halfway through the screen. That's how short it has to be.)
(space no issue, imagine lines all over the next 20 inches of your screen)
WHAT YOUR JUDGMENT OF ME IS BASED ON (indeed, you are being judged)
MY FAVOURITE TV SHOW: _________________________________
MY FAVOURITE BOOK: _____________________________________
MUSIC: ___________________________________________________
FAVOURITE COLOUR: ______________________________________
WARDROBE PREFERENCES: _______________________________
OPINION OF THE 80'S: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
When you're done filling up the form, mail it to me at: youreallythinkiwillputupmycontactdetailsincyberspacedon'tyoueinstein@noway.com
Now I'm hoping you read all of that Very Carefully Indeed and I'm hoping you were taking notes. Cos that's the procedure, Zonk, for All of you. And I'm Big on paperwork and all of that I hope you know. 
But sometimes, just once in a really long while, just in case you're a really kickass person and you've been on my Favourite People List long enough, I'll let you bypass the whole procedure and dedicate a nonsense post to you anyway. So much for the Form. Cheer up my Friend, this too shall pass. Fyi, I hate that saying. Just so unpoetic. So correction: Cheer up my friend. You know I love you, as is obvious by my leniency in the Form area: This (pause) is Your Post. *crowd goes wild* Now enjoy it while you're still feeling special :) 
And I must go sleep now. Goodnight Zonk. I'll be back before you know it. 
– K
Ps: All of that was bullshit, btw, so please don't fill out any Form; its all a scam. Also, if you Really wanted to be featured here then I'll be happy to do so, and on the side I'll be wondering Why On Earth. Cos this is not really a feature, just a pointless dedication.
Pps: Not to take away from the focus of this post, but somebody took awesome pictures of some of my shoes, so please see that also: 
(Its the 1st link, that has the red shoe hanging as the album cover, and starts with "thank you royd Tauro for the awesome pictures". Really hard to not notice but I thought I'd elaborate anyway.)
Goodnight for real.

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