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Star Quest

So I'm not too tech savvy and every time I say or do something I'm not expected to know about, I get a Star from C. And every time something stupid happens a Star gets taken away. (Note to Reader: At this point the Writerofthisblog urges you to imagine a shiny golden star next to the word 'Star' everytime you see the word 'Star'. There are no stars on vox. And I'm hoping you didn't imagine a star next to the last but one 'star' in this sentence; the image should pop up only when the word 'star' starts with a capital S. Repetition rules. My apologies for all the glitter dazzling your mind's eye. Blink a little and move on.) 

I give Stars based on Random Criteria.

Chitrang:  Wat scenes tdat
 me:  painting guitar
 Chitrang:  Womo website
 me:  show me
 Chitrang:  I havent designd further
 me:  k
done anything more to the buttons then?
 Chitrang:  yeh dayson did the gallry
 me:  trying t see
is it the same link he sent me b4?
 Chitrang:  Ye but thas sourced from his comp so its not online
 me:  :|
dat must be ehy it says this link is broken.
 Sent at 11:39 AM on Sunday
 Chitrang:  great deduction… +1 star
 me:  condescending behaviour… -1 star
 Chitrang:  Wtf
 me:  bad sportsmanship/no grace in losing..-1 more star
 Chitrang:  -200 stars…cuz i can
 me:  this game just lost its point.
 Chitrang:  Cuz of u

    me:  i will learn nothing this way, if u screw around with te incentives

 Chitrang:  The u stop takin stars away like that
 me:  k u can have the grace less one back
but the other one i take
 Chitrang:  K reverting to +6 for u
 me:  reverting to (how many did u have?) for u
 Sent at 11:46 AM on Sunday
 Chitrang:  6 so were even
 me:  are u lying?
 Chitrang:  No…
 me:  how do i know?
im taking one star away for Doesn't Invite Trust
 Chitrang:  u shd have maintained records

    me:  hhahahaha

 Chitrang:  See this is wat u cannot do
 me:  now il maintain
ur 5 im 6
why not?
 Chitrang:  Do that
 me:  im giving and taking star for Everything
 Chitrang:  This takin away star cuz u feel like thing
 me:  but thats wot im doing! im judging you randomly
 Chitrang:  I dont take away stars for no reason
 me:  are judging only my tech knowledge
you CANT take away for no reason
 Sent at 11:50 AM on Sunday
 Chitrang:  Ya its ok if i lied or got late or something
Wat is this doesnt invite trust n all
 me:  asks too many questions: -1 star
i love this
i feel so powerful
 Chitrang:  Im not playing this
 me:  plese please

i give it back

Chitrang:  ur not doin it right
 me:  but condescending star i keep

il play properly now 
And this is how adult human beings function. 
Morning, Zonk :D 

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