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There's songs and shows that ought to be banned for the way they glorify things. I was talking to someone today, about a dumb, exaggerated, heartbreak song for a high school boy, complete with catchy images of fairies in bed and silver eye shadow; and a book about a girl who threw away everything just to be in the city that was larger than life in her favourite childhood show. She wised up, though, and moved back, and loved the city anyway but that is not the point. My point is this– there is so much we are exposed to that comes with little invisible tags that we file away automatically in separate spaces of our minds. And I can't think of any one thing– song, show or person– that made me sit up and say 'That's who I want to be'. I wonder what number of things took bits of me and made me who I am today. And I wonder, if you took two people who are alike in some way, and studied them, could you narrow it down to some phenomenon of popular culture (or whatever else) that both parties were exposed to and influenced by..

Dismal it is, and I've always been averse to these overtly socio centric schools of thought, but take away the exaggerated structuralism of it all, and I think we actually have something that seems strangely..nice. Think about it. We are a doomed people in a way, and its nice to imagine that there's absurd little things that form links between us, strangers all. Its nice to imagine that there must be scores of other people typing up scores of things right this minute, all sitting up in their boxers and their pajamas, and imagine how much nicer it would be if all of us were put together in a room and we found that we have in common not just a random hobby, but a vaguely underlying experience that that hobby is known to tend to stem from..
I'm just bullshitting of course, it'd probably be horrible if that happened so systematically and predictably. But my point is, its nice to feel connected to things and people you may never know. And reassuring too. Its like a universeful of possibilities. 
Anyway. Goodmorning folks :)
(Its not really morning I know but this feels like the sort of thing I'd think on a Sunday morning, not on a Thursday night, so I'm just gonna go with it.)

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