Vox Imports

Stupid Universe

Now, Zonk, lets make this clear, I don't want to go to TISS to do Media and Culture Studies. I mean whatever. I don't give a fuck about it. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I was told I should apply to TISS. So apply I did. I'm not averse to the idea or anything. I'm neutral. Anyhow. Idiots want people's salary slips, even if they aren't claiming to be poor and in need of scholarship. So once I managed to get something done about that I went to the station to get a train, remembered that I forgot my receipt, went back home,got it, went back to the station, found out trains had stopped due to collapsed bridge, went to check naka, took a rick to TISS, and waited in line while they were shut for lunch. Now I'm home and I need to finish my paper for tomorrow.

Life is a struggle. My life in particular. I can see through your Screw Kitu Over Conspiracy, Universe! 

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