Vox Imports


Goodmorning people, its 11:50 and thats half the day gone and by evening I'll be feeling somewhat alarmed about it. You see,I have a lot to do :| Paper to write. Shoes to paint. And I keep not buying shoes for this excited guy who I keep telling is getting shoes bought 'today'. Not that I'm a lazy person or anything, just that I'm broker than broke and don't have 500 bucks to spend on shoes. And unless I paint them I won't make any money. Its a vicious circle. Ah Universe, that's a clever trick you got there up your sleeve. Which makes me wonder, metaphorically, what the sleeve of the Universe would be. Also, I like the word 'sleeve'. Sleeve.

Anyhow, I got four new pens today :) 
I came here to make a Schedule for Today, but screw that, I got distracted. Now I must go write with a new pen. I wish they didn't want printed out assignments, hand written would be So much more fun. Stupid technology.
And now I'm off to take a bath I think.
Byebye Zonk.

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