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Hello Zonk, I'm not sure I've mentioned this before, but I'm not the type of person that goes to places alone or anything. Not that I'm terribly fond of people in general, just that somehow, I've just never done it. So today I was supposed to go to the museum and take a pic and then head to Asiatic to sit and do my reference. Planned to put in a good five hours or so at the library, which is the smart thing to do seeing as its 75 bucks per day the chuts. And of course I had company, I always arrange for some company. 

But what do you know, Zonk. The Universe works in mysterious ways. I've been thinking about it, and I've got a theory that the Universe was listening in on me yesterday when I was telling myself it'd be nice to go sit in an empty cafe somewhere all alone and read a good book. But where I live, there's no such place. And so I ended up sitting on a garden swing and reading for a bit. 
Now I know you're thinking I digress too much for any one person, but this time I don't. So stop presuming things and be a good passive reader like they taught us all in school and that we all tried to unlearn in college, but that's another post all by itself, so chill. We'll talk about it next year. 
Anyhow, I would've canned the plan for the day, but that's stupid, cos I got a paper to submit and a pile of shoes to paint (16 or 17 I think, as of now, if you want to know, and just in case you don't want to know I'm still telling and also feeling pleased a little bit, so move on). So I went. All alone. And guess what my favourite friend, I had a fucking awesome time.
Went to take my pic at the museum and lingered a bit. Saw the whole thing actually. Came out of there 2 hours later and went to Jehangir, seeing as I was in the area anyway. Then I went to Asiatic, where turned out that the book on my list titled 'Dance of Shiva' had verry little to do with Shiva. But I thought why not read some of it anyway, now that I've started, and ended up reading about Nietzsche's superman being a lot like Buddha and Mahavir and stuff. Then to Sassanian to meet Ajinkya, and then to Bandra to Sheena and Sharvari, where on the way I met Anisha randomly on the road, and (and this is the bestest bit) two trains back home to Thane *beams*.
I'm not sure you know this about me, but I'm a lazy fucking person and I fell into bad company that got me damn used to sitting in cabs and ricks (are you reading this Mark;)). I don't believe in trains anymore, though luxurious travel is eating a hole into my savings. Okay maybe I had no savings to begin with but its certainly doing away with all my earnings. Of course I also had only 20 bucks on me today, but I did borrow some money to get home and I could have ricked it to Sion if I really wanted to, but this awesome person I've turned into preferred to take trains anyway :) :)
And I'm rereading Kafka on the Shore which makes me feel awesomely responsible too while I'm doing these responsible things like taking trains and stuff. I feel just like Kafka.
Which is Wrong. Cos he feels like the toughest 15 year old in the world and I'm nowhere close to being that young even if bouncers and doormen across the city seem to think otherwise the fucking chuts.
Anyway, I'm awesome. And I've decided that I really need to chill with me more often. Its damn good company. And it makes me feel older. Now the only thing left is for Thane to become more like town so I can cycle to these perfect reading spots and libraries whenever I want. Of course I'd have to buy a cycle first. But we'll deal with that soon enough. I swear to god, Zonk, the day Thane becomes exactly like town is the day I get a cycle again. Which my grandchildren will ride I suppose, unless I'm a really fit old person. 
And oh, I also think I will go offline more often. I've been thinking, and though I do read quite a lot still, I read much more before I got a comp. Which means I could be a much smarter person if I really wanted. Cyberspace has ruined me. Stupid internet.
And now I'm off to read Kafka.
Goodnight Zonk. 
Your's elderlyly
(and no that's not a typo)

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