Vox Imports


Hello Zonkness, I'm in a huge hurry now, cos I'm not sure how long I can manage to sit here. Only came in to line up Scrubs on VLC so I can watch when I'm done reading Ted Hughes. Being an invalid sucks big time. I don't know how people do it. I don't I don't. But I'm making the most of it. First to exchange oversize clothes for normal sized ones. In order to feel nicer and feel like people who take a bath everyday before wearing new clothes. No way I'm taking a bath but, I hope you get that, my back is really feeling broken. I know I said the same stuff yesterday, but most of you have been here long enough to know the difference between when I'm being dramatic and when I'm not so yea. Also, I got green kajal. Don't ask how that's important. Can't tell you till I conclude the experiment.

Until then.

Bye bye people. 

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