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Whose mind is it anyway

BOREDOM ALERT: This is not an entertaining post so skip if you want to be entertained.

I had a conversation with someone a few days ago, about people who live extremes and die unnecessary yet noble deaths; Buddhas and hippies and runaway sons.. and confused teenagers all scrambling for attention and the skinny shifting lines between admiring and statement-making. And it made me think, its been ages since I spoke any sense here at all. Don't judge my poor ill-used blog, dear Zonk. I love this space in spite of all the nonsense I spout on it. In any case I realized how little I tell here about what I believe. Partly because I know too little, partly because I don't believe in much by way of philosophies.
But disclaimers done, though I like reading sometimes about these things, I can't agree with too much. I don't agree with the whole desire-suffering relationship, or in grieving for organisms I kill while I breathe or eat or scratch my ass (my apologies but Jainism bores me to no end). In fact I think we need to live a little. I don't know about God being dead either (though I do agree with what I understand of it and of course I could be wrong). Or about god himself for that matter. I don't know if people are driven by the will to live or the will to power and if only the fittest survive. (Incidentally, a doubt, is that about survival or about power? Personally, from the little that I know, I truly think Darwin's theory flunks out when applied to human society. Who knows, it might flunk out with other species too if we knew what they were thinking. Nikhil are you reading this? :P) I have no idea, I've read very little of Neitzsche and nothing of the rest. I just know little bits that I won't base an opinion on, but somehow from what it all sounds like I think I take a Maslowe pyramid view of things..survival first..power later, and then not in the case of everyone. I'm not sure about destiny or fate, its a fun idea but who knows these things..And I very vehemently disagree with all those theories of the artist being a channel rather than a creator. The artist as the cosmic pipeline or whatever. Wtf. Give the guys some credit already.  
But to get to the point, and I promise there is a point this time, I have a theory of my own, that you'll always find holes in other people's philosophies. I don't mean that in an other-people-know-shit kind of way, you and I probably have the intellectual capacity of a brain dead goldfish in comparison to a lot of other people, but I honestly believe that unless you are an exact replica of another person, and I mean that emotionally, socially, culturally, everythingally, you cannot accept his/her philosophies in their entirety. You can admire or critique, but what more? I say this because every time someone discusses, say, Buddhism, with me, I have to say that if you ask me, what worked for Buddha need not work for anyone else. I don't know about you, but I think its rash, throwing away everything because of something someone else discovered, because what if, at the end of it all, it leads you nowhere special? And I don't mean this about Buddhism in particular, mind you. I mean it about anything and everything that instills in anyone a faith so powerful it determines how they live and what they make of themselves. And that is why I care nothing for religion, though I am no atheist; I'm undecided about the God question but I know I only go to temples when my mother makes me after each exam :| And this is not about religion or God either, just a digression among many digressions, and if you've read till here then thank you for putting up with my incoherence. 
What I'm saying really, is this: I know a lot of people who masquerade as hippies and stuff. Love and peace is awesomeness, but if I take away your computer and your TV set and set you on the streets with a bit of dope, would you live it up or come back home? I would come home I know. And so would a lot of you. Because you see, we are not those people who smoked up and passed out and lived it in a lovely glorious movement. We do not have their particular histories to react to, or the particular context they occupied in time and space. And so we don't go to the extremes they went to. There are some who do, and them we respect. There are those who don't and can't, but admiring is one thing, I do it all the time, hypocrisy is another. I'd elaborate, but I've been sitting here typing for too long already. And I'm not in the habit of pronouncing judgments in cyberspace. But screw that, I figured I have the right to voice an opinion sometimes, no matter how ill informed or uncalled for it may be. 
Again, this is not about hippies. Its about something entirely bigger that began with Into the Wild. That guy illustrates my point: he was stupid as hell and supremely self absorbed, but I respect him because he walked the talk and died for it, though of course he could have planned it out better. And that is awesome, because how many of us can do that? I didn't make the connection till someone pointed it out, but it's a lot like what the Buddha did all those centuries ago, except he wasn't a tough guy looking kid with a trailer. If that guy (I should really google and get his name) had come back, would history be written differently? Would there be a new age religion of sorts and us worshiping him and going off into the wild to discover the things he learned? 

My point again: it was his own philosophy he lived by (and got screwed over by). And that is why there is a movie about the guy. I'm not sure I got my point across yet..

(02:30:03 AM) Roshan: I wonder how many buddhas and jesuses never came back .. like the into wild guy :)

I'm thinking, plenty. There must be loads of people out there who have thought up and done awesomely gutsy things that we don't hear about. The Buddha got lucky, he lived beyond his own personal moment of enlightenment and told people about it. 
PS: please don't judge me by this post, I am not anti-Buddhism at all, I actually find it all very interesting. Its just that its the perfect example. 
And now I should get some work done. Sigh. 

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6 thoughts on “Whose mind is it anyway

  1. Maybe if that guy never died we wouldn't have known about him ….. then he would be like every fickle minded person you know …….for a moment wanting to be on the road like a hippie …and then back home the next .People wouldn't listen to him .God knows if Jesus hadn't been crucified he would have become a Osho or something (made money out of the whole deal) .My philosophy is what i made out of my life …MY experiences .How can you be so sure of there ever having been a Buddha or Jesus or any kind of historical figure . Second-hand information can never be trusted .What you have is your life to decide stuff by …like for example …for all you know the earth might be flat (assuming your not a part-time astronaut) …but you might choose to believe in science (which is like a religion i guess with its laws and beliefs ) and defend that the earth is round (almost).But then again it comes down to belief some say Einstein's(Jesus) right some say Stephen Hawking's(Buddha) theories are right or some might say i believe in Lewis Carrol (Timothy Leary) ….. Questions about the spherical nature of Earth can be thankfully answered ….but life is a tricky planet ….once you get out of it you can't come back .

  2. I don't think he was a hippie at all and I don't agree that u wouldn have heard abt him if he didnt die. u never know what he'd have done with his life. and sometimes, ppl will listen even if you're not dead, actually quite often. but again, to each his own which was my point to begin with. how am i sure there was a buddha or a jesus? really now..it wasn't so far back, the biography's is the gospels and the buddha, yes he existed! that much is history, not just mythology. but yes it all comes down to belief, and that was partly my point..

  3. Smirkingly @ Kris. Perhaps if you actually had a point, you would be able to express with the lucidity required for people to understand. Else I will have to infer that you hide your own confusion behind your claim of another's.

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