Vox Imports

Dear Mr. Vedder

I'm listening to a song from your new album for the sixth time in twenty minutes. And I'm wondering, when you finished writing this song, if you sat down and cried..

'Slide on next to me I'm just a human being..'

You know, I'm reading a book right now about many things, in which a 23 year old boy in Shillong keeps writing letters to Roger Waters and waiting for a reply. I'd thought it amusing and somewhat adorable.. But now I put on my comp and hear this song and suddenly I don't understand what the raised eyebrows were about anymore. I'm guessing sometimes you hear a song that sings to you so much, you need to pick up a pen and write to whoever wrote it just so you can thank them for singing it at all.  

The End
What were all those dreams we shared those many years ago? What were all those plans we made now left beside the road? Behind us in the road  More than friends, I always pledged cause friends they come and go People change, as does everything I wanted to grow old I just want to grow old  Slide up next to me I'm just a human being I will take the blame But just the same this is not me  You see? Believe...  I'm better than this Don't leave me so cold I'm buried beneath the stones I just want to hold on I know I'm worth your love  Enough... I don't think there's such a thing  It's my fault now Having caught a sickness in my bones How it pains to leave you here With the kids on your own Just don't let me go  Help me see myself cause I can no longer tell Looking out from the inside of the bottom of a well  It's hell... I yell...  But no one hears before I disappear whisper in my ear Give me something to echo in my unknown future's ear  My dear... The end comes near... I'm here... But not much longer.

If I ever write a song like this I could die with no regrets. Though of course, if I ever were in a situation that actually inspired me to write this particular song, that'd be a pretty self-contradicting thing to say :D
Whatever. You know what I mean. And now its done playing for the seventh time. 'Give me something to echo in my unknown future's ear..'

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