Vox Imports


And I'm off to sleep. Please pray this dragon looks less like a dragon boat tomorrow. Actually, pray this turns into my coolest pair of shoes yet. Verry slim chances I know but still. Pray please. 

I'm tired now. Really Really Tired. But I don't want to sleep. I want to know these shoes are done and fine and that the day is over and spent well and productively. I want to sit in bed eat Maggi and watch Scrubs. Fuck that. I can't sit in bed and watch Scrubs anyway cos its too far away and the screen's too small. Its really quite annoying but there's not much I can do about it. 
Anyhow, I made a Plan and I thought I should tell you'll all about it. So tomorrow I finish these shoes somehow. Don't ask me how or I'll slap you. Day after I have movie plans which implies drinking-after-movie plans and when did we turn into such alcoholics? but well. So that's out. Which leaves Friday. Now I plan to get my act together and finish atleast 70% of another pair. I can do it come on I can do it. Saturday is class so that's out. Sunday is bullshit family thing. Noooooooo. I have too many plans. My Plan is not working out at all now I'm getting damn depressed and very frustrated. 
*slaps you*
Sorry Zonk. Looks like you were in the wrong place wrong time. 
*leaves anxiously*

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