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Alright. I've spent absurd amounts of time on the Alex Grey website looking at his work and reading up and stuff. All for a pair of shoes :) But well. I guess we'd all rather know what we're talking about. Or painting about. Or any of that. Point being, I've spent almost a week with this pair, and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out :D 

Now, if anybody's interested, here's the references:
Go to http://www.alexgrey.com and look at:
The Artist at Work (1 and 2) under Mission of Art in Drawings
The default painting that pops up when you click on Paintings
These I referred to a lot but ended up not using at all:
Angie 5th chakra (was considering line drawing on a blue background)
Jessica chakra 2
Jillayne chakra 7
(all these under Subtle Body in Drawings, but I ended up not doing any chakras anyway so yeah..)
What I've done is a metapainting..painting within a painting type. Its a third person looking at the artist looking at himself. The right shoe is obviously the artist's representation of himself, (taken from the artist at work 2 mainly, but referred to all 3 also). I've done my own drawing though..my artist is skinnier and I've left out the brains and blood vessels and stuff, but kept the raw fleshy colour. Skipped all those rays coming from his heart and eyes and stuff. I would have done the stripes and those extra faces blessing him or whatever, but I'm afraid of too many layers of paint on the shoe. There's already a very skinny ghost coat of white under all the artwork. 
The left shoe is the artist as we'd see him. Should have stuck out like a sore thumb and looked like a completely natural human being but I just couldn't do that so I made him bone white anyway though I gave him clothes and stuff.. too bad they are that gay. The colours fit well so I used them. And the pajama's are like the ones I'm wearing right now :D
In case you're still really reading this, thank you for not getting tired of me and also notice the folds on his shirt. This is the first time I've attempted shading folds on cloth (or just cloth at all), taught myself and I feel a little proud if I may say so myself. The folds on the pajamas are in slightly random places I think..anyhow, its uselessness painting minute details onto footwear and I should have started on another pair instead of spending all my time painting pajama folds but well I felt like it.
Anyway. Its actually dark blue and bright orange though my camera so kindly screws up all colours for me. Will take better pics with a proper camera when I go to jam tonight. 
For now: ( I think you gotta click on it to enlarge..too bored to upload each separately..)
AlexGrey shoesAlex grey shoe left-the artistAlex grey shoe right-the representation of the artist.

Notice how I was industrious enough to put the shoes on a black t-shirt for the photos and all. *bows*

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