Vox Imports

Gtalk Diaries #39

Conversation with Aniket Rao whose stories are shorter than those of Nikhil Goveas' and therefore easier to paste onto vox.

And I still haven't figured out what the default font colour is on my blog dammit. 

me:  but wot happend to u?
 Aniket:  after the match got over.
 me:  felt cranky kya 2 days?
 Aniket:  What happend to me?
I was walking on the road when a car ran over me…
so.. i dragged myself to the corner
where three old woman spat on me and called me Ranga.
 me:  hahahahahhaha
 Aniket:  i was depressed after that happend.
 me:  i see.
it is understandable.
 Aniket:  i know
 me:  i wudnt like being called ranga.
 Aniket:  who would?
maybe a guy really named ranga wouldnt mind
 me:  in some cultures it could be an honour
 Aniket:  yea.. in some cultures
your in rural india
you should know
 Aniket:  yes it is.
 me:  now excuse me while i copy paste this convo in various spaces all over the internet
 Aniket:  THANE IS AS RURAL as the door to my right connects to a URINAL
see the rhyme?
im becoming a rapper.
 me:  ooo

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