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Yehello Zonk. It is 11:32 p.m. on a Sunday night and I am in an awesome mood. Well maybe not awesome awesome, but purty good I'd say. Purty darn good indeed. *switches off drawling American mode*
Anyhow, I finally got back to work today and I'm very happy so far with what I've got on my ridiculously difficult shoe assignment (though it could still turn into a disaster please Universe please don't let it be a disaster). Also, I got a kickass book to read now. Which reminds me, I better add Douglas Adams to my List of Men To Marry. If I ever married Douglas Adams I'd never be bored or depressed or anything. Although he does seem like the type to always outshine you but then they all do so what the hell, might as well just marry him anyway. Although of course, he's dead, like half the rest of the men on my list. Not to mention the fact than none of all that is even minutely probable. 
So anyway Zonk, I didn't mean to backtrack and pick up on an old post really. I'm here partly cos I have to tell you all about my new Plan and partly cos I'm in an awesome mood and wanting to spread the love and have nothing stopping me from signing into my own blog and shouting around a bit: high five all you random hangers on, pat a few virtual backs; that sort of stuff. But since I do that sort of stuff all the time all over the internet anyway, I figure I should tell you about the Plan instead.
Now. I, writerofthisblog, have a pretty fucked up lifestyle. I wake up at almost noon everyday, sit at home all day, spend most of that all day here in front of this comp, eat alarming amounts of potato (and alarmingly little of everything else) and sleep..well. I'm not too sure about sleep. Most of last week I was having painful trouble falling asleep and last two days I've been sleeping like a log but also walking around in the middle of the night and waking up in wrong rooms, so lets take a survey of my sleeping patterns for one month and then decide what exactly we are looking at what say. 
And I have horribly weak hands, which sucks, seeing as I use them so much. Of course, my hands aren't fucked up bad or anything, I can hold a paintbrush well enough, but they hurt while playing guitar. So I finally *drumroll* bought those calcium pills. Now of course I'm feeling all purposeful and fitness-freaky and shit, so I'm finally *drumroll* going to go get that swimming pool membership on Tuesday. Shame on me for not having done that yet. I've even forgotten where I put my awesome new blue swimsuit. Now if only I had a cycle I'd go back to cycling in the nights. But my mom sold it for 250 bucks 3 years ago.
Point being, I feel like one of those people who are In Tune With Their System and everything. You'll see me doing yoga and eating all sorts of plants if this keeps up I swear. I'm so impressed with myself and the Plan. 
Goodnight now everybody. Love ya all except for that one over there,

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