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My List of Men To Marry

Hello Zonk, how goes it. I have a cold coming and too many shoes to paint but everything's under control, thank you for asking. Anyway, you know how when you're really impressed by someone's work you say 'duuude..if I ever meet this guy I'd marry him!'? (Play along even if you don't think like that, this is about me not you and your personal mental experiences don't count really on this blog. Not to be rude or anything, but well, they don't.) 

Point being, I have a pretty exhaustive list. And since I went to the youtube link for Ocean by John Butler in order to post it on somebody's chat window, I ended up watching it again and then I decided I should make A List Of Men To Marry. So here I am, telling you all about it. 
List Of Men To Marry
  1. Dave Matthews: Of course I like Eddie Vedder more, but Dave seems more like a guy you'd marry. You know. Like he'd go grocery shopping with you and stuff.
  2. Eddie Vedder: tsk.
  3. John Butler: Made Ocean, and he's hot.
  4. Albert Camus: But he died.
  5. Rainer Maria Rilke: He also died. And he also spent a lot of his childhood in his dead sister's dresses cos his ma was mental. Not sure he'd be pleasant company or anything, but he's somebody you gotta marry at some point.
  6. Eliot: He also dead. Besides if you married him, he'd probably divorce you anyway. And you'd also feel a whole lot stupider by the time you're done being around him. Still.
  7. Michael Zancan: An artist on deviantart who makes the awesomest art ever.
  8. Alexi Murdoch: I <3 Alexi. If only this was gmail instead of vox the heart wouldn't be lying on it's side but I don't think there's any option on this site.
  9. Vikram Seth: For an equal music.
  10. Amitav Ghosh: for Shadow Lines.

Now the deal is, if I ever married anybody from that list, or anyone like that, I'd end up with an acute sense of worthlessness and frequent bouts of intense depression. Maybe someone like Zancan would do, cos I never hope to be an artist anyway. But I'd go mad if I ended up with a killer musician or writer. I think I'll end up with a bank manager or something in order to feel good about myself. (My apologies if you happen to be a bank manager. I'm not judging your career choice or anything but really, aren't you ever bored?)


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