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Dropping in


Wotisup Zonk. Just got back from a Very Violent Movie Indeed. Very nice, cinematically and stuff. And I really liked the score at one point that I can't remember right now. But I'm not the violent type really. Lots of people think I must be but I'm the fun family movie type in reality. Actually in reality I don't watch anything much by way of cinema. Plan to repair that someday but I don't make plans on Sundays so that will have to wait.
In any case, I must go erase the blood and needless bang bang bang from my mind and NO I don't mean that type of bang bang bang you pervert. So I'll be off now to read Alice In Wonderland which I just bought yesterday fyi, cos I felt like rereading it. 
And so I go.
Goodnight Zonk. Love ya.

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