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everything is far and long gone by I think that the star glittering above me has been dead for a

Looks like I'm back again. Which could be because I have so much to tell you about all the intriguing occurrences in an eventful day in the Life of Me. And given that I am, (I believe,) a reasonably imaginative person, I could easily fabricate all the charming little details I'd need to furnish myself with a fictitious happening life of that type. I did come here with that intention, actually. Thought it would make a fun post. 

But I'm not a fun person am I. Not today at least, that's for sure. I spent the last two hours watching Monty Python and laughing my ass off and what awesome effect does that have on my day? None whatsoever. I'm still venting my spleen in cyberspace and making e-minor riffs without knowing they're on e-minor because all the time I should have spent on scales I spent instead on working out covers and composing 3rd rate beginner stuff. No scales, no chromatics; and here I am three years down the line with music streaming through my ears with neither the hands nor the brains to do it justice. Playing those shit bizarre chords that are never barred because the fingers can't take the strain and their owner's too lazy to take those calcium pills she keeps deciding to take. 
Fuck that. 
I suppose a rant never knows where its headed when it starts off. Cos I don't care much for barring anyway. So what is this all about. Who knows. And the Universe isn't telling anytime soon the bastard that it is. If I don't atleast find the six pairs of shoes that I'm looking for tomorrow, I'm done with this shit. 
Pray I do..
Until then
'I think we are in the rats alley, 
 where the dead men lost their bones..'

That is Eliot. I should be working on the illustration.
And the title is Rilke, in case you're wondering. Nevermind how it makes sense it's not your bother. Not meaning to be rude or anything of course but I'm not in the mood to play schoolteacher. 
And so, goodbye!
That, I think, is Tennessee Williams. 
I apologize. I'm not the type of person nobody wants to hang out with in reality. Just a little moody today. And geeky. 

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