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Pointless post # 37

Aaaand what's up. I don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but Saturday happens to be one of my favourite days of the week. Actually it is pretty much the only favourite, since I forgot what the only other favourite day used to be..Thursday? Who knows. Well. Bleh. 

In any case, I'm happy it's Saturday. Nice day today: woke up at 9:30 a.m. (which isn't really much sleep considering I slept at 2 in the morning, but in my house you get guilted into waking up early), had maggi lunch, and started on the other Calvin pair. That sentence is a bit misleading, of course, since I didn't really start on the pair, I pretty much finished it. Whole detailed thing in one day. Which doesn't say much about my social life, or the state of my back in a few years, or the prospect of my guitaring skills improving anytime soon, but screw you if you're wanting to point fingers at my shortcomings and go troll on other blogs. And if you don't have any other blog to troll on then ha! I'm one step closer to finishing my Mission. And now I assume you want to know all about my Mission. But think a little, my Favourite Person For The Five Minutes It Takes You To Read This Post, would I disclose my darkest secrets on the internet for everyone to see? Never mind stopping to think about it, the answer is No. And just fyi, I don't approve of the divulging-personal-information-all-over-cyberspace types. *Disgust* ***
So I was saying, I spent the whole day painting Calvin and Hobbes on shoes. Now I love Calvin. I think he's a sweetheart kid. But I really wish the whole world wouldn't think it too. Because I've been doing some math, and I reckon I've spent approximately 15 hours of my life putting Calvin and Hobbes on shoes. And that's not counting the time I took to get Calvin and Hobbes to look properly like Calvin and Hobbes on paper. Not that I'm complaining, don't get me wrong, but it's all getting a little frustrating. Specially when I need to use paint instead of pen even for finelining. Hobbes has stripes for god's sakes. Not to blame him or anything, but I do think Bill Waterson could have considered the plight of paintbrush users before he decided to make a cartoon strip involving a tiger and a boy who always wears a striped shirt. Really now. 
But it's done, and pretty cute too, if I may say so myself. I was gonna upload pics, but then I decided not to. Cos honestly, this blog is starting to look too much like a shoe store, and I'm starting to feel like a shoemaker's obsessed elf. So I'll put up pics tomorrow, when I'm not feeling elfish. 
And now I must go drink wine. No really, this isn't one of my odd and pointless references. I'm drinking wine. Port wine # 7. 
So goodnight all. I will be back. 
*Signs out*
(Not really, I never sign out of vox.)
***For all of you who've been here since last year and have heard me whine about my life, this is a somewhat new stance so stop judging me.

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