Vox Imports

Rastafarian shoes

I've not blogged in ages I know, and I'm going to do that today. But first, time to put up horrible pics of a pair of shoes I've been working on that I really like..

Disclaimer: The background is black. My phone insists on making it green for some reason I don't yet know. 
Breaking it down: I've put in a Rastaman in profile on one shoe, notice the dreads and the striped hat; and the lion in profile on the other. Would have been more stylized if I had the space..my original illustration was way cooler but canvas shoes aren't the same as paper so bleh. The swirls in between, not just for decoration. I'm playing with the theme of an Exodus. So if you look carefully, and see the wave ends arrange in a diagonal across both shoes, you'll probably get the reference to an other, earlier exodus, though that was from Egypt and this one's supposed to be to Africa. (Hence the lion in the space where the waters part.) I'd intended to put in white smoke coming from the guys mouth, the marijuana reference.  Would make even more sense in terms of weed being one of the paths to whatever.  But I'm a little worried about there being too many curly swivels on the same shoe, so I've put that on hold for now. The rest of the shoe I'll paint black I guess. 

Was more work than I'd imagined, but I like these shoes..
See you soon, whoever's still here. 

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