Vox Imports

Dear Ink,

I've been away a while, eh? What to do, my favourite friend..I've been working and I've been tired. Too tired even to put up pictures on my only blog of the only pair of shoes I own that I'm satisfied with. But you knew that I'd return, didn't you..its always only a matter of time. Old habits die hard. Sometimes they never die. Truth is, I don't see much really when I try to peer into the Future and all that; but if I could see an older me in another time and place, I think I would still be before a grey page, typing. No life and all that. But you do know by now, I think, that these are only things I say. You do know that I'd be here no matter how crowded my days became. I like it here. You see, this comes more really to me than anything I'll ever paint on anybody's shoe. How did that ever happen? I'm not really sure I know. 

But I'm not really sure I care. Its a good thing to have happened and I guess that's all that counts. 
And now someone's writing about me. A proper article in a proper paper. How awesome is that :) A little bewildering too..not that I'm complaining. It's just a little unsettling to be so suddenly adrift. A little absurd even, knowing how many people thought that I would write or make music. Its all good though.
Why sound like I'm brooding then? Because I brood. When I take time off, I brood. And who knows, maybe that's a good thing too. 
I have nothing to say really, except Hello..
And I'll put up my shoe pics tonight or tomorrow.
Until then..
All this dissipates..
and if you still choose to cry
then there's silence still and
this whispering's just some
three-string song
bursting into life.. 
And so I finally quote from my songs. My last blogging promise broken :D

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