Vox Imports

Wasteland Series

Because people don't always come up with themes for their shoes, I think I'll be doing it for them.

Anyway, I was reading Eliot in the loo today, and it struck me, the Wasteland is graphic as hell, and I know loads of people who'll like that type of imagery. Don't ask me what Eliot's saying, I don't think too many people really know, but I'm working on a Wasteland series I think. First pair being bought by Sharvari. 
My rough concept: will lose one branch, shade better, add rats..Its a lot darker actually, and the fist will be closer to the rock.. but here it is. 
'Son of man, 
you cannot say, or guess, for you know only
a heap of broken images, where the sun beats,
and the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief,
and the dry stone no sound of water. Only
there is shadow under this red rock,
(come in under this red rock),
and I will show you something different from either
your shadow at morning striding behind you
or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
I will show you fear in a handful of dust.'
 (the Burial of the Dead)

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