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I have a problem. A giant massive problem. As a reader of my blog, Dear Reader, you must know all about my issue with glasses. And in case you don't, don't fret about it. I understand that some of you might not know about it..actually I think all but one of you don't know about it. And that is very fortunate indeed, because now I have reason to go over it in minute detail. You see, I really want to take my time doing this. And no, it is not because I have nothing better to do. Turns out I have a lot to do today: dismantle the 'fountain' my nephew built on my bed, practice a riff I learnt from someone, read..But I'd still much rather sit here explaining my issue to you. You will know why by the time you reach the end of this post. 

So here it is: I can't wear glasses. And I don't mean it in an ugh-I-look-so-geeky-can-I-please-get-lenses way. I mean it in a TAKE-THIS-FRIKKING-THING-OFF-MY-FACE-AAAAAH kind of way. Cos I can't wear glasses. They tickle the bridge of my nose like mad. Yes. Laugh if you want, but you have no idea how tormenting it is. And if you don't sympathize, come over. I'll hold my fingertip an inch away from the bridge of your nose and we'll see who'll be laughing then. 
You might ask me why this is bothering me today, when I've lived with it forever. Good question. But thing is, I'm going for Harry Potter tomorrow. 3D. 350 fucking bucks. And now that I've booked the tickets and announced it to the whole world and gone over my Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in order to be certain of the exact order of events, (not really, Half-Blood Prince sucks ass..I don't even believe Rowling wrote it herself) I suddenly realized that 3D implied the wearing of glasses. So now you know. *wails*
I'm hoping that once the movie begins, I'll forget about my nose. If that happens I think my problem will be solved forever. Which is a good thing because what if I need glasses someday. Also then I can wear glares. I hate not being able to wear glares cos that means I will never look glam. I wear too many pajamas to look glam to begin with, so the glares thing really clinches it for me.
Please the difference in the tone of this post. No tongue-in-cheek cynic type behaviour today. I'm being super-sincere on purpose, so the Universe doesn't think I'm screwing around. And I'm also wearing a pair of too-large glares while I type this and checking the clock to see how long I can manage to keep em on. 
And to prove that I'm not making this up, here's extracts from a gmail convo keeping tabs on my timing:
(Conversation with Chitrang J)

me: 42-46
Sent at 11:46 PM on Thursday.

me: 46-48
this gettin worse.
Sent at 11:48 PM on Thursday.

Chitrang: hey
u still wearin em?
me: yes.
This makes it 11:48 PM to 12:13 AM. Not bad..

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