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Apparently my results are out today, exactly 36 minutes ago. Of course that means its not out yet and I'm being scornful. Anyway, I get the feeling I'll need to bide my time here while the University catches up with the rumours its been spreading..so I thought I'd drop in and discuss this thing that keeps happening to me. 

Now for those of you who don't know me, I don't dress up and stuff too often. My wardrobe consists of mostly black, green and grey; NOT because I am a goth, I am NOT a goth and I do NOT fantasize about killing myself; but because I happen to like those colours. I don't accessorize much cos I'm a lazy person. I had an extra ear piercing once that I really liked and gave me no trouble at all, but the earring fell off one day and I was too lazy to get another one so it closed. You get what I mean. 
So anyway. I've begun to realize that I've created a little label thats stuck. People expect me to be wearing dreary clothes and no shiny stuff allowed. I guess its cool to have an image or whatever you want to call it, but honestly, after a point, just get it together people! Like when I wore a dress (thank you Alison) for an Oscar theme farewell and people  gaped and behaved like fish. Did you expect me to turn up in a tux? And yes the dress was not black. It could have been but I borrowed from someone not my size and really, the options weren't endless or anything. It was either that or surgery. 
But well, I guess a lil blue dress is a drastic change. So lets not go on about it. But when I get given a tiny bracelet that I like and start wearing it, and people actually notice and start asking why I'm all dressed up…really now! You wouldn't even notice that tiny thing on someone else. Keep it up, and somebody's gonna get hurt. And I have my minions so that's no empty threat. 
In any case, I have decided the results are not going to come out anytime soon after all and I'd rather not age here by my comp, so time to wrap it up. I've been thinking long and hard *draws deeply on pipe* and I've made up my mind *exhales smoke*. I have here with me an orange ring with a fish on it which is definitely the brightest thing I own as of now. I will collect more things in bright hues and wear hairbands and matching purses. I will wipe off the kohl. I will write songs about love and hearts and candy. And I will go around meeting everybody who knew me and thought I was a goth. After that I will re-reinvent my image and this time I'll go from cheerleader to hippy. Meet me in four years or so and I will be punk. I think I should make a list of possible images and change every year or so. Actually, I say we form a small cult that will be all about image creation and recreation. (That last word could mean so many things. ) Like a group of people whose grandkids will never be able to recognize their teenage pictures and will give up, thinking they were whackjobs. I think it could work. I think we could get famous. What say? 
And fuck you, University.      

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