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My Contribution to Mankind

I made up a knock-knock joke today. I thought it was pretty clever, but the only way to know if a joke works is to test it on people. So I picked up my tin-can phone and called some people up. One didn't answer, one paused to roll eyes before guessing the punch-line, and one told me to go watch Scrubs. The fourth guy sounded like he'd eat me up and spit out the pieces, so I hurriedly hung up. So then I sat down at my comp and minimized Turk and the VLC media player window and caught my mouse before it slid off my broken in-built-sliding-mouse-holder-thing and signed in to gmail and tried the joke out in cyberspace. On two people: one laughed a lot, cos she was happy she guessed the punch line, and the other was too dumb to guess it but called the joke lame. *swears*

Now, if all of that hadn't happened, I might have told you it. But since nobody seems to appreciate a good joke around here I'll keep it to myself thank you very much. And since I'm not telling you the joke, looks like it isn't the point of my post after all eh? So I guess I should just tell you Why I'm Blogging Today. Which is also What I'm Blogging About. Here goes:
I was clearing up after dinner today (their dinner, my maggi–I felt like maggi today) and I was doing what I do every night: moving things about in the fridge in order to make enough space on the shelves for whatever needed placing on the shelves. Now usually, I'm supposed to transfer things into smaller containers and then put said smaller containers in the fridge. But today (and my mother doesn't read my blog so I feel safe admitting this out loud) I didn't. I just didn't feel like it. Couldn't handle it. Wasn't able to deal with the nauseating, painful mundanity, the sheer boringness, of the task. I think its the most unjustifyable thing to make a person do, transfer things from big containers to small containers, because really mom, that just means you're going to end up having to wash both the big containers and the small containers, when in reality, you could just leave it in the big container and eat out of it. (That even gets rid of the plates, btw. Clever eh?) So anyway, since I didn't do the container switching, I was having to move things around a little more violently in the fridge. I found myself taking a square jar out of the back of the shelf, putting the round container in, and then putting the square jar back on the shelf in the front. Its weird how careful you've got to be about how you're breaking up a squarish space into circular and square areas..which was when I had my epiphany:
Seems like a random thing to say, I know, but think about it. Take all the bowls and all all the plates in your house, and imagine if they turn into squares (or rectangles). Now imagine taking em off your stove with those folded paper things, or putting em in the fridge. No foot-burns due to fingers sliding off rounded rims, no having to make space in the fridge..it'd all fit in neatly like a jigsaw. Do you see the awesomeness of the idea? 
I don't know about you, but I truly believe the day will come when people won't be able to imagine life without square bowls. I think its time for a revolution.   
Who's with me!?

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