Vox Imports

Fractured arm

Morning folks :)

Note the smiley please, people. That means I'm in a nice mood right now. I say nice, not 'killer', or 'awesome' or anything, cos I'm in the sit-home-and-gossip-with-a-friend-while-painting-toenails kinda mood, not the wooo-go-out-and-drink-yourself-silly kinda mood. Except of course I don't paint my toenails and I don't have that many friends within a regular-distance radius..I do have loads of friends outside that radius, fyi, so don't get the wrong idea, I'm not an anti-social emotionally disturbed wreck of a person who paints shoes for birthdays wears cake on her feet. And also fyi, I know that was a nonsense sentence I just typed but I've just now decided not to use the backspace key more than 7 times this post. So now I must type carefully. *types carefully* 
So I'm guessing you're wondering what put me in my killer oops sorry 'nice' mood (I meant that about backspacing), and I'm not the type to withhold Tantalizing Tidbits from Hungry Readers. And don't tell me you're not dying to know, cos you're already here and I'm not buying that, you Troller of Blogs, no fucking way I'm buying that. (As you have no doubt noticed, I'm also in a talk-like-you've-got-a-script kinda mood. *revels in the filminess of the day*) Point being, one pair of shoes got picked up in the morning, other pair's not got much work left to do, and two next orders will take some time to come. Which means I can chill now, I can jam and read Harry Potter (cos I have nothing to read right now and I never mind rereading Harry Potter, I'm one of those) and *drum roll* I can watch Scrubs!!!  
Now I'm guessing you're thinking I'm lame and who gets so hyper about a TV show. But if you've never tried watching Scrubs back to back then you shouldn't talk at all really. Anyway, I've been watching since yesterday afternoon :) And yesterday night, I recognized a song that played in the episode. Move on by Jet. You know sometimes you have little epiphanies about yourself? So I had one of those when Move On played in Scrubs. Its this: I really like it when I unexpectedly recognize the score of something. And you could have got a job and a spouse and raised seven kids without knowing that but now you do. So stuff it, my favourite friend.  
I love you too I swear.
Baaaye ~ 
PS: I didn't fracture my arm or anything..why would you even think that? 

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