Vox Imports

Avatar shoes: Completed

Finally done :)

I've worked so hard on these shoes that I love them now. If my feet were bigger I wouldn't have sold them at all I think. But as things go, I can't wear them, even If I do the stuff-cotton-in-toe-of-shoe thing. Cos these shoes are giant, and that would be enough cotton make three thousand earbuds I think. 
Oh, and since I'm done with these, and also with the red and black rancid shoes, I finally have my life back. And that means I spent the whole afternoon watching Scrubs. I'm no superman! Wooo wooo wooo wooo! 
(Note to self: figure out if Vox has a music note smiley-thing.)
(*waits for Kalhan or some other veteran voxer to show up in a few months or so with an answer to the music-note-smiley issue*)

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