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Good day people. I just spoke to a friend I wasn't speaking to a few days back. I mean, I spoke to him a few days back, and I wasn't speaking to him for a few days before that. Nevermind why; its a long and incredibly pointless story. In any case, he's bought me a gift. I'd tell you what it is but I doubt you'll get it..some of you might think it morbid or something. So screw that. I'll get straight to my point instead.

I've always belonged to circles that somehow don't believe in the beauty of giving presents. Don't get me wrong– I love my friends, all of them. I doubt I could survive without them. Take them out of my phonebook for a month, and I'm pretty sure you'll find me wandering the city aimlessly looking for a map and a whole new mental faculty while my comp crashes at home or something. Not that I only make friends only with cartographically gifted people, fuck you if you thought I was one of those, but you get what I mean. 
So anyway, I love my friends. But we are of the clan that believes that birthdays are meant for booze and little else. (I actually kind of agree..) So when I get a gift from a boy who's not given me a gift in five whole years, I run to the calendar to check if its already November, in which case it is my birthday and I'm becoming old and becoming an amnesiac.. people do tend to get emo when they graduate and that explains the gift. But no! Stop the party, boys and girls! This is only June. A gift in June is like shampoo in a shower cap. For the duller among you, it simply makes no sense. Of course, its also a bad analogy but no one's asking you so let it pass. 
I'm touched. Moved. Pleased to no extent. I'm also thinking, that while I don't want to be one of those who gets gifted pansy picture collages on every occasion, I need to put the word out that I expect meaningful (and plentiful) presents if I do happen to leave the city. 
Secretly, I've already started telling people. Also, a going away party (as people have suggested) is no reason to cut back on the gift giving. It just creates the atmosphere for it. 
So now all of you know. 
Of course I may not go away at all. In which case I dunno..parties always cheer people up. But I wouldn't go so far as to buy me cheer-up-Kitu presents or anything..
Ps: To be fair, I might have got the occasional gift in the last 5 years, but we aren't here to talk about the exceptions are we. 
Of course, only about 2 and a half of my friends are going to read this post. 
So much for the hinting.
*swears under breath*
Gnight :)

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