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Poor Kitu.

*types wearily*

Hello. In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been here in a while. Ps, if you indeed haven't noticed, I'm not surprised. And if you have, then I think I'm concerned. Maybe you should go join a hobby class or something..pottery, candle-making..whatever keeps you from visiting random blogs everyday. Anyhow, your internet habits aren't my business and I will stay out of it. I'm here to tell you about my internet and How It Screwed Me Over.

The Carrion Computer
Ah. I sense a slight confusion here. But its okay if you haven't heard the word before. Its one of those obscure words.
Carrion as in carcass. I say Carrion Computer because I really and truly believed that my comp had died. And because it had the dust of centuries accumulating on it. (The comp guy made me dust it before he agreed to touch it but screw him.) And also because I like the alliteration. So turned out there was a problem with my SMPS which, in case you don't already know, is the power supply or something. Comp guy took my CPU away but returned it the same day for a 1000 bucks. He also left a small grey box with many wires sticking out of it that says TECHNOLOGY INC. MODEL SOMETHING SOMETHING SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY. The small grey box he's put in a transparent cover, and a sticker on the box says DO NOT REMOVE THIS COVER. I'm not sure what cover it's referring to but I'm not touching the transparent one anyway cos I'm the obedient type. Also cos I'm the paranoid type that can sometimes hear a ticking coming from the box.

The Evasive Internet

Now I have very few uses for my computer.

  • internet
  • Scrubs
  • ipod charging

And that list is in diminishing order of importance. Which means my internet is Very Important Indeed. So soon as my comp got fixed, I logged in. Or atleast, I tried to log in. But it kept telling me SECURE CONNECTION FAILED and SECURITY CERTIFICATE EXPIRED and I WILL KILL YOU or some such stuff. I panicked. I called the helpline. The call centre guys made me change my IP address. They do that. Always. And they told me not to click on the little button on the browser that said ADD AN EXCEPTION. So I twiddled my thumbs and waited for the net guy to come over and do something. If you'd been eating at a certain food joint in Bandra this afternoon, you might have seen a person attempting to eat in between thumb twiddles. That was me.
So Mushtaq the net guy repaired the net and told me to never listen to the call centre guys who are all Hyderabadi and know nothing. I don't know much about the technological tendencies of Hyderabadis, but Mushtaq the net guy seemed to know what he was talking about.

Anyway. I start surfing, and gmail starts saying SECURE CONNECTION FAILED again. I call Mushtaq the net guy who helps out and then tells me that his name is not Mushtaq at all.

So I apologised to Janardhan and hung up and made a little mental note to not call him till tomorrow, when he may have forgotten that I called him Mushtaq.

So when all the sites started doing the secure connection thing, I called up compsmart friends. One was busy, the other tried to help but couldn't. A third tried to help too, but I really don't think I should be listening to him..And now Mushtaq sorry Janardhan the comp guy is not in the area anymore so I'm stuck with no net till tomorrow. *wails*

Strangely though, vox doesn't seem to be canning on me. But there's only this many posts you can write in a day without feeling like a loser so bleh.

HELP! I wish I knew what to do.
*dusts comp carefully* 

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