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Stay With Me

I've been thinking and I've decided, this is just not it. Vacation time. Time to watch TV and sleep late and all that, and really, I've been doing nothing else. But I've spent the last five hours or so in front of this computer watching Scrubs. I love Scrubs. But after a point I feel pretty wasted, signed in and invisible, wondering who I want to talk to on my chat list who'll want to talk to me. Sort of sucks a little. So here I am again, sitting in my chair with my knees up wearing shoes five sizes too large because I like how I painted them and telling you how my life sucks. 

It doesn't really. Just that there's nobody here and I'm too broke to go anywhere else right now. Gets kind of depressing. Specially when you keep hearing a mournful soundtrack in your head. I think I'm losing my cool ability to change mindsongs to whatever I want to hear. Or may be this is what I want to hear, which is even worse. So I'm off now. Maybe I'll find something to read.
"at first the solitude charmed me like a prelude…but so much music wounded me."

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