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Okay. So I just started another one of those I'm-so-caustic-I-can-kill-you-with-a-blogpost kind of post. Twice. Backspaced both times. (In case you're wondering the ire was supposed to be directed at Globus salesguys who don't know how to shut up but well.) Thought I should say something but I guess I'm really not in the mood to be cocky right now, so I'll just say hey.


I've never been the type that could put things into larger socio-political impersonal contexts. Part of it is ignorance and part of it is me. But fuck the bit about larger contexts, I realized just now that when something real is going on in your head, even the general blog-type banter doesn't cut it.
True for all of us? I think so, though I can't tell for sure. But I guess there's only so much we can care about things that don't directly affect us. Takes very little to pull us back into our own skins and shut the rest of the world out. Revolutions happen around us and sometimes we don't notice because there's just so much going on inside anyway.

If a revolution were to happen right now, how many of us would be part of it? We'd all love to, I know. But I've a feeling not all of us will notice or care enough before its too late. I guess we're each whole worlds to ourselves, and we're self-obsessed little people.

But really, I think that's okay.


If you read all the way till here, then well. You're none the wiser except you now know something about another one of my useless little theories. I'm just picking a random train of thought and following it through. And if you've been here awhile you'll know that all these arbitrary threads originate someplace that's full of very real things. Of course I'll never name them here.
But you're still reading. So thank you. And goodnight..


' you see, I'm scared no one here will look for me again..''

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