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I think I already have a few posts titled :|, and since I don't like to confuse Unsuspecting Readersofmyblog, I'm going to tell you right away what makes this :| different from any other :|  I may have written about before. Also I couldn't resist the temptation of repeating a non-phonetic title 3 times in the space of 2 sentences. Makes me wonder what the voice-in-your-head-that-reads-out-written-stuff sounds like when I say :|. *cracks up*

Anyway, I'm not one to break my word. So yeah, this is what makes this post different: usually when I title or tag a post :| (this one I tried to avoid, I swear), I mean it to refer to my state of mind at the point, the mood of the post, etc..you get the drift. But this time, I'm talking about the smiley itself. I've been thinking about it, and I have reason to believe that this simplest of smileys that you get when you throw a long dash (I don't know what its called) and a colon together (in a particular combination) could be the most ingenious and versatile of smileys that man has ever created.

Because, my favourite reader, it could mean anything. Like if you say :), it always indicates happiness or pleased-ness or some such thing, ie it is always indicative of a positive feeling. Now consider the various implications of :|.

Done? If yes, then screw off and think again. If no, then very good. I see you're catching on to the awesome versatility of the super smiley. But don't break your head over it, I've already spent a good three years thinking about it, so I'll just help you out with the various implications of :|. (Yes, this post is pre-planned. That is how bored I am. Sheesh.)

For the sake of clarity, we will considered imagined or copied conversations between two hypothetical persons Prakash and Sarabjit*.

*the following conversations are fictitious. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is entirely accidental**.
**In case of accidental resemblance to a dead  person, especially a person killed in an accident of some sort, the author of this post apologizes for having done the salt in wound thingy.

Mild Dismay
Prakash: Hey, where's those minature paintings I bought with half my savings?
Sarabjit: Crap! I think I left 'em in the cab.

Prakash: :|


Prakash: Hey, where's those minature paintings I bought half my savings?
Sarabjit: Crap! I think I left 'em in the cab.

Prakash: Sigh. Okay. Gimme my wallet, I'll get a few more
minature paintings with the other half of my savings.
Sarabjit: Crap! I think I left it in the cab.
Prakash: (little bit annoyed now) Hmm. Okay. Check in my little son Mantu's diaper. I always keep a spare credit card wrapped in a plastic bag in his diaper.
Sarabjit: Crap. I think I left him in the cab.
Prakash: :|

Prakash: I hate the Dutch.
Sarabjit: I don't. I only hate people from Holland.
Prakash: But people from Holland are the Dutch.
Sarabjit: oops :|

Sarabjit: Never underestimate the power of the Force!
Prakash: Yeh.

Hatred of life

Sarabjit: I hate my life :|


So now you know why :| is a special smiley. And stop sniggering like an imbecile I did not mean "special" in that sense you weak-moralled, insensitive prick. Point being, the super smiley owns. If I were Barthes I'd stay away from it. Screws up all the semiotics, dunnit. *looks fond*
Practical Value of Today's Post:
If you're the type that hates confrontations, I suggest you use :| as a response to every situation that upsets you. Later you can always say your use of smiley was misconstrued, and consequently alter its intent to one that will not cause a confrontation.

Now you could have lived your whole life without knowing any of this but I would never let that happen, now would I.


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5 thoughts on “:|

  1. Well. Maybe somebody in a sticky situation will read up on the beauty of :| and use it and thereby escape unscathed from a sticky situation. Who knows. these things happen. Im sure theres a better example out there..

  2. Totally random but i was wondering what if the Indian Constitution had smileys inserted to make a lighter reading .
    According to Aticle 3A of the Indian Constitution –
    Marijuana is illegal ;) .
    Drinking age limit is 21 years :P . etc .
    some shite .

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