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Bye bye phone

Fuck you Universe.

Three days ago someone flicked my wallet. It had 350 bucks in it. I'm not exactly loaded, but its cool. I don't really feel bad about losing money. That wallet had other stuff too by the way. The chut who flicked it must have had a ball of a time laughing at me for the contents of my wallet. In any case I'm not gonna go into the details of it. Except one thing: it had a ring made of a guitar string. B-string I think though I'm not sure. Would've given me tetanus if I'd ever worn it, but it was cute. And once upon a time it had been important. I hope they cut their hands on it and dropped the wallet into a man hole in the process.

I went down to buy chips half an hour ago, and I remember thinking I should take my phone. I don't remember taking it clearly, I don't remember holding it at Hot Chips. But when I got back and wondered where the phone went, I ran back to the shop. I'm their most regular customer and they wouldn't flick my phone. Plus the lady looked genuinely sorry. I don't think she flicked it. But another lady who came in to buy chips when I left must have. Cos its unavailable if I try calling, and there's no network issues at home.
Not a big deal I guess.. The sim is blocked, and my sister who's a sweetheart will probably buy me the exact same phone tomorrow, if not sooner. But that's really not it. Its unfair. Cos see, I'm not a normal person. I get attached to things and people and places. I love my phone. It took me a long time to feel happy about shifting to this cooler one though my old phone was ugly and useless and didn't deliver messages right. This phone was my one of my favrit things. And this is really not the time to point out spelling mistakes, fyi, I know exactly how favrit is actually spelled. Its got all my contacts, and pictures, and messages. I'm the easily-pleased types. That phone had bluetooth. I was kicked.

Point being, its MY phone. I don't want another phone. I want mine back. And thing is, I would never take somebody's phone. I wouldn't even take a 1000 buck note if I found it on the road and was in dire need of money in order to survive. When Si picked up 20 bucks that some chick dropped on the road I made him give it back. Now I'd tell him to keep it. Maybe split it with me. How the fuck can someone DO this to me!

In case you read this up till here, you're bored out of your head. I apologize. But you really have no clue what losing my phone means to me. I feel bereft. I'm a wreck. I feel like how the Titanic must have felt after everybody except Kate Winslet died. Or worse like Kate Winslet must have felt after everybody died and she was floating on a door. I hope someone steals my phone from the bitch who stole it.

PS: I was supposed to study some, and then paint Ila's shoes but now my day is ruined. People suck. Chuts.


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