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How I kicked Niha’s ass (OR What The U.S. Doesn’t know)

I know all about not blogging twice in the same day but I also know all about this being my blog and your opinion not counting. So yeah.

Anyway. This is a conversation that shows off my unmatched debating skills.

Conversation with Niharika Rao Who Is In Law School And Tends To Win Debates On An Alarmingly Regular Basis

Niharika:  total bitch

u'll burn in hell :)
 me:  haha but u kno u miss me and my bitchiness!
(lie if u must)
 Niharika:  absolutely
(through my nose)
 me:  hires thugs to break nihas head
smiles deceptively sweet smile at niha
 Niharika:  deflects kitu's thugs successfully
 me:  dispatches next batch. these guys are armed wid bugs
 Niharika:  sees through kitu's supposedly deceptively sweet smile
calls up US admin and gets kitu arrested for biological terrorism
 me:  kidnaps obama and takes his place, thereby foiling nihas attempt to enlist US aid
 Sent at 10:38 PM on Monday

 Niharika:  realises that kitu clearly doesn't know she'll be shot dead by US intelligence before she can say the O in obama
 me:  realises that niha dusn know abt the rednecks and ku klux wannabes who have infiltrated the US intelligence
 Niharika:  now KNOWS kitu knows zilch about US intelligence
 me:  knows for sure that niha dusn know that kitu IS the US intelligence
in awesome disguise
 Niharika:  tchah! niha is tired of this game
she also needs coffee
Notice how the exhausted opponent gives up and admits that it is in need of a stimulant in order to keep up with my lightning fast retorts.

I rest my case.

*calls up Osama for a little chat thereby striking terror into the hearts of the U.S. Intelligence*

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