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Life in the Time of Cholera

Okay, no cholera. But it's just an interesting word play on Gabriel Garcia Marquez..

So. So. SO.
If you've been here before I assume you know by now that my boards are on. And that there is an inverse relationship between nearness of exams and the tendency to blog.
In any case, I have decided to make a list of people I associate with on a daily basis while on house arrest; the Emissaries from the World Outside. (Ps: I'm not actually on house arrest, no one cares what I do or where I do it. But going out too much during boards makes me feel guilty. Staying home and letting the internet swallow my existence whole, on the other hand, doesn't seem to make me feel guilty. The Universe works in mysterious ways..)

Anyway, here's my list.

  1. Family. Duh. They live here.
  2. Bai. Sigh.
  3. Shop staff at Shubham Departmental Store. I need to eat chips while I study.
  4. Shop staff at Hot Chips. To add variety to my chips consumption. I realize that I might just become extremely obese but I don't think that's a very real threat right now.
  5. Sheena. Who calls every two hours to tell me that her life sucks, that I am mannerless, and that we are both unmotivated. Every second call includes a loud scream. Consequently, my reflexes to loud sounds aren't what they used to be.
  6. Nikhil. Who calls everyday to discuss Marx, Morrison, which one's more do-able; what free food the Red Cross charity workers gave my family today, and why marrying him at the age of 40 will be the best thing that's ever happened to me. When I'm not online I'm usually making arrangements to fake my death a week before I turn 40 and resurface in Iceland as an eskimo fish waitress.
  7. Sharvari. Who calls everday to make sure I know its okay to not study.
  8. Chitrang. Who is online all day (like me) and battling lethargy-induced guilt all day (like me).
  9. Goldwin. Who comes online atleast once a day as Goldwin, and once a week as Chitrang. But I don't fall for that anymore.
  10. Dayson. Who is online and wanting copy everyday.

So that's my life these days.

And you could have spent the whole of your's without having known that. But now you do. Ha!

Ps: When I say someone calls everyday, it also means I call too…just incase you were wanting to know.


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