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Occupational Guidance

In case you were looking for career counselling, this is the place to be. You see, I happen to know about obscure career options. One of my many random plus points.

Obscure Career # 1

Sharvari: so I said

i think im going to become a quiz master
is there a college for that?

 me:  of cos
werd u think derek o brien graduated from?

 Sharvari:  sorry
whats it called

 Sent at 10:02 PM on Saturday

 me:  very few people know. its a secret. u have to keep buying packs of bournvita n drinking it. eventually, if ur lucky, ul find the name and address in a pack.
most probly ul put it in milk n drink it by mistake.
but dont worry.
ul shit it out.
just dont space out wen ur taking a dump n stuff.
 Sharvari:  yuck you're hanging out waaay too muc with sheena
 me:  hahahaha
stops talking about bowel movements

 Sharvari:  good girl


*accepts paycheck from Cadbury's*

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