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It so happens that I've spent two days out of the last ten days walking around in the sun inconveniencing myself and getting pissed off. Not much came out of the two days, except I learnt a few things. Just in case you're dying to share my nirvana with me, get something better to do, but in the meantime here's a list of stuff I learnt.

  1. Vodafone's full of ineffecient effing chuts. I think I've mentioned it before but I also think I'll keep mentioning it every few days so you don't forget it. It's one of those things that should be incorporated into formal education– Which Network To Pick. Compulsory papers in the course: Why Vodafone's a No-no, Why Airtel rules, and Why Not To Pick a Network Based On Whether Or Not It Has a Website To Change Caller-tunes from. *kicks self* (I used to be young and retarded.)
  2. There is a direct relationship between appeal of place and percieved wastage of time spent travelling to said place.
  3. Malls work when you're in a bad mood. Specially if someone's paying for the shopping. And its not retail therapy or anything, don't let anyone feed you that crap, its just the nice consoling smell of capitalism when you're on the full-pocket side of it.  

Call me a victim of consumerism and all that. See if I care.
Now to tell you I had no point to make. Just thought I'd blah-blah a bit. So you can leave now. Show's over people. Scoot!

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