Vox Imports

Prelim preps

How To Enhance Studying Techniques:
Tips from Goldwin Fonseca, me.

me:  heeelp

i cnt study
at all
its not happening
i think the sky is falling
 Goldwin:  umm u know ur askingf the wrong person right??
 me:  i kno
 Goldwin:  maybe it is
me:  id never ask the right person

 Goldwin:  but y dont u get a bag of chips!!
 me:  i did
my mom took it away
sez im eating too much of it
 Goldwin:  why?
me:  cos its unhealthy

 Goldwin:  y dont u switch to vegetables
 me:  ugh
 Goldwin:  like carrots and cucumber slices
hey i cant suggest u meat alternatives can i
 me:  nah
wont work
i need chips

like nice unhealthy tasty chips
 Goldwin:  but wy its kinda weird u know
u shud eat sugar while studying
or better yet have an orgasm while studying
it helps stimulate the right areas of the brain
 me:  orgasm haan?
mebe my mom wud appreciate that
Goldwin:  hahaha atleast she wont be able to say nething about it

 me:  dont be so sure
but ya?i shud eat sugar instead?
iv been doin this wrong my whole life!
 Goldwin:  yeha sugar is pure glucose so it helps
green teea as well
me:  i have green tea

wen im in the mood wer i make believe im an intellectual studying person
with hair tied up messily and wearing pajamas and glasses n
 Goldwin:  its really helpful and good
 me:  flip flops
 Goldwin:  wait u have glasses?
me:  (no i sed wen i make believe)

 Goldwin:  oh
too bad
 me:  u kno
 Goldwin:  i dont know

 me:  lik wen im in the mood to
make believe i go to art exhibs all the time

 Goldwin:  when im in the mood to do nothing i go to the museum
 me:  yes
but dont u have a make believe studying persona?
 Goldwin:  nope
i actually make green tea

i actually sit in my pyjamas with bad hair in my specs
 me:  lucky u

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