Vox Imports

Will really start paper tomorrow..

Yes I know I said that yesterday. And if you don't know what I'm talking about that's cos I hid that post in order to not offend the powers-that-be if ever they come snooping on vox. Fuck that, I'll unhide it the minute I graduate. Which only goes to show how deep I've wandered into Loserdom. Who the FUCK updates their blog on the day they graduate? Normal people get smashed out of their skulls and wake up with puke stains and/or hickeys. Which doesn't mean I advocate such behaviour. If I ever woke up smelling like cholera I'd hide my face for two days. And as for drunken flings: no thank you. I'm the easily embarassed sort and I'd sooner kill myself. Or anybody else. Thankfully for you I'm the law abiding type so you can stop cowering now.
And to return to my point- I haven't started on my paper and don't intend to start till tomorrow and FUCK YOU if you judge me for that. How bout seeing you try reading up for three hours about stuff that you won't write more than 50 words about. Try it. And tell me when your back starts to feel like the ground beneath an elephant's feet. Besides. Look who's here reading this shit. NOT GOT MUCH ELSE TO DO EH?


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