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Will start paper tomorrow..

Hello all, this is my 139th post on vox.
That might sound like a random fact, or like random fact#227 to be precise, but you see, its pretty significant considering that my next post will be the 140th post. I suspect you're bewildered, and that's perfectly alright, I don't really think 140 is a number worth mentioning either. I presume most of us have spent a large part of our lives believing that all important jubilees happen in multiples of 50. Well, in that case most of us have been proved wrong by an ageing jesuit whos been sly enough to take the first important sounding year that turns up in his career as college principal and turn it into a massive year-long celebration. Excusable, considering he might pop it before the 150th year comes along, what with all the negative energy directed towards him by a collegeful of wronged smokers and would-be hookers and such.
140 years of Xavier's it seems. Fuck you, Frazer; Who you kidding. Might as well celebrate 27 Days Of January ' 09 or 32 years of Molesting Altarboys or something.
In any case, I'm not here to tell you about pseudo anniversaries. I'm here to tell you that I'm supposed to be working on a paper but will start tomorrow I promise I will. I got eyebrow ache. I'm not lying.
Tomorrow then, brand new paper on propagation of ideology through popular music. Or maybe radical movements in popular music arising as a reaction to contemporary socio-economic and political conditions; not decided yet. There. Be witness. Tomorrow it is.

Ps: I hope Frazer's never on google blogsearch. I'll be fucked.



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