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I have never spent a grand and a half on books in the space of two days. That has always been the luxury of other people. Five books for me for a thousand bucks: I'd expected more. Strange that I'm satisfied. Considering, too, that I didn't find a single one of the three books I'd set out to buy: Nausea, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and any anthology (not Letters to a Young Poet) by Rilke. Find me the Rilke somebody, I'm going mad.

Half a grand and some spent on books for other people. Here's something: I love inscriptions in books. If ever you buy me a book, write inside it please. There's nothing nicer. And whats nicest is when you open a second hand book and find an inscription from a stranger to a stranger. A story, and a hint of one.

You see, I'm scared no one
here will look for me again.
 –Rainer Maria Rilke

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