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Are we done yet are we done yet are we done ye..

So my net connections gone. Sounds random, but really, this is no insignificant matter. Let me give you the facts first.

  • my exams ended 20th October. I'm happy about that, really. I'm not one of those freaks who study in their spare time and all. But then again, absence of exams implies the presence of an excess of spare time. So.
  • I'm a broke person.
  • I'm a person whose mother likes her to be at home. In other words, I'm a person with serious permission issues. Two years back I'd have had to say curfew issues. *shudders* The situations not that bad anymore.
  • Only person I have to jam with lives in a village somewhere in Kerala. But he's a nice guy. Which only goes to show that the idea of Kerala being full of losers is just a stereotype and shame on you for thinking that way. Of course, he did live in Mumbai before he moved to Kerala so maybe that stereotype still holds…
  • My attention span has become perceptibly smaller. I can't read continuously for 2 hours anymore. Which means that I can't kill two hours (which is a nice big chunk of time) by reading said book anymore.
  • Its getting colder now. Bath times are getting shorter. So passing out in the shower is also not an option anymore. Of course, I don't generally take baths to kill time I'm not bored enough to need to do that. I'm just saying.
  • I have friends who have lives. I'm the only one that the Universe skipped while handing out fun vacation schedules.

So now you know that I'm a pretty fucked person. Plus, boredom is often thought to be a precursor to depression, alcoholism, brain damage, spontaneous castration (in boys and some unfortunate girls), an increased tendency to crack knuckles on blogposts *cracks knuckles*, premature menopause and prostitution. I think I will write a psychology text book under a pseudonym and kill time watching stupid students doing shitloads of research to support all my claims. Should be fun. 

While you are not safe I am not safe and now we are really in the total animal soup of time -Allen Ginsberg

Wallow, don't swallow. Least you can do is not drink up the total animal soup of time then. And so we wallow in it. The stinking swirling whirlpool bowl of Time.


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