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Hello, Naive Reader.
I hope you noticed my curious address, Naive Reader.
And just in case you're the unperceptive types who wouldn't notice a thing till it came and punched you in the face, Naive Reader, I will continue to employ needless repetitions of my curious address.

So, to get to the point, I called you Naive. Lets see where that comes from- actually it probably doesn't come from anywhere and you're probably not naive at all, but bleh. I choose to believe that you each have a stereotypical image of a lit student. A prototype. I choose to believe that you assume that all lit students develop lithe physiques as a consequence of the continual hefting of massive volumes of Shakespeare and co. (Considering the fact that most of you know me and also talk to me online all the time, you probably do not assume such shit after all. But for the purpose of this post, lets assume you do.)

Now that's probably how people studied lit ten years ago *waves at also-lit-major sister*. But times have changed, Naive Readers. We can't function anymore without net connections. Mostly cos we never felt the need to figure out how library systems operate. You see, all our studying is done on google. Its faster this way, and easier to fake it when you haven't actually read what you're talking about.

Lyotard (this random thinker) feared the phenomenon of knowledge being replaced by information readily available on a tabletop.
Screw you Jean-Francois. Information on your tabletop can remain information, or you can convert it to knowlege. When you sit in libraries and pore over book after wormworn book you're still simply accumalating information. There's a thought process involved in turning it into knowledge.

Plus, when you study online, you can take breaks to blog or facebook.

Education is chill in a postmodern world :D

Ps: Some things to keep in mind:

  1. my knowledge of Lyotard- limited.
  2. my views on postmodernity- neither here, nor there.

Moral of my story: I'm just glad I have internet.

Just in case you make some unfounded judgement..

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