Vox Imports

Dearly Beloved.

Screw the rest of Romanovo. I had an entire plot in mind and everything, but really, I think I'll get a life instead.And since that is a remote possibility while I'm still taking plays to pieces and identifying beats (which is fun and all, I swear, but really; we need to get our priorities right) I'll have to stick with making a little will so no one squabbles for my pod or my Red Indian plec over my dead body. Cos that'd be depressing. When people kick the bucket you don't steal their thunder by squabbling over their dead body for their Ipods. So I'll put up a will here, and you all can abide by it.

First a list of Covetable Items possesed by me:

  • Eddie, a black semi-acoustic guitar (Pluto) with the semi of the semi-acoustic in need of slight repair and a chunk missing from the back of his neck thanks to the fucker who broke him and then didn't inform me.
  • Mojo Jojo, a silver 4GB Ipod with a lot of Pearl Jam and DMB and some other killer stuff on him too.
  • Lucky Scorpio Beanie, a lucky scorpio beanie which I suspect is not really lucky but is cute and in need of a bath so why not.
  • Blue shoes, a pair of blue converse type Reeboks.
  • White shoes, a pair of white canvas shoes that hope to be painted.
  • Striped socks, three pairs of striped socks, one pair with holes in the heels.
  • Striped pencils, missing as of now.
  • Very cool Pearl Jam poster, a very cool black and white Pearl Jam poster.
  • Thoda Ugly Pearl Jam poster, well.
  • Marijuana Ring, a ring with marijuana leaves on it, flicked till further notice from actual owner.
  • A Load of Books, a load of books.
  • A Load of Clothes, a load of clothes. (Not a very big load if I may say so.)
  • ETC World Domination Poster, a work of art. *a moment of silence*
  • Black marble, a pure black marble I think is actually unlucky.
  • Password to Ink, password allowing access to my blog.
  • Load of Crap In My Wallet, a load of crap in my wallet that I will eventually throw away I hope, that means nothing to the rest of you.

Now, time to give it all away.

  • Eddie: Burn it with me. Or, if I change my mind, give it to Cyril Frank who is in need of an acoustic guitar and will use it well I think.
  • Mojo Jojo: For Nikhil Anthony Goveas. On the condition that he does NOT alter the playlist. AT ALL.
  • Blue shoes: Get a life. Whoever has size 4 feet can take it.
  • White shoes: Anisha. Learn to paint and shrink your feet and you can wear it! POA for the rest of your life ;)
  • Striped socks: Ugh. How do you know my feet don't stink? (They don't.)
  • Very Cool Pearl Jam poster: Fuck. I don't know another PJ fan personally. Fuck.
  • Ugly Pearl Jam poster: Take it Nikhil, and abuse the shit out of it. Its ugly anyway.
  • Marijuana Ring: Antho Fernando. He owns it anyway.
  • A Load of Books: Sell em.
  • A Load of Clothes: send to weight loss clinics to use in after pictures for their ads.
  • ETC World Domination Poster: Arundhati Govekar. Pre-decided order.
  • Black Marble: Throw it away. Its bad bad luck but I can't throw it.
  • Password to Ink: Kalhan. Cos you'll actually post once in a while. Please make it sound like me talking and make me sound a little dead also.
  • Load of Crap in My Wallet: Hopefully I'd have thrown it all away. Hide the crap if I haven't. Shame.

Yes, I'm poor. And if none of you want any of my stuff then screw you. I'll make new and improved friends in my fourth life. Not in my next (third) life, cos I'm going to be a clairvoyant in my next life and my friends would be already-dead people..not corporeal enough to consider as candidates for inheritance. Just in case you're wondering what I was in my last (second) life, I've thought long and hard about it and I have the answer. I'll tell you tomorrow.

Until then.

Life is very long.
-T.S. Eliot.

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