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Analogy # ________

I have this analogy about surfers and seas and Time..its pretty clever but I'm too zoned out to phrase it. Point being there's no time now for anything and I can't even crib about it. Cos I know how mental idle minds are. There's no wasting time anymore…there's seeking out the storms or letting the silence drown you.
Fuck. And I'm not even sixty yet.

It'd be nice to get away sometime alone for a while..or with just a person or two. But I can't even think of two people I'd like to get away with now..Or maybe I can but one of them wouldn't want to come along anymore and the other might just ditch. All unintentional of course. I am a fish net in a murky sea. Those who wander in gnaw their way out. And what catch remains thrashes about in the bottom of my small red boat and leaps back into the muck. So be it. I'll hear you when you despair and I'll talk me deeper into my gloom. There is such a thing as a Universe that does not revolve around your badly-phrased disillusionment, __; and there's ways to push turtles into shells. I'd be you to show you what its like to be in other shoes, but you're still you and I'm still here when the farces don't do.
This wasn't supposed to turn into __ bashing. But I guess I had to mention it to someone.


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