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Hello all, my initial intention was to continue with Comode Chronicles, post Part Two today, but turns out my day wasn't that bad. It could have been, but I got home in time to meet my Prozac Papa, mood carpenter baby :)

Plus, I think I crib too much. I'm glad that atleast some people read my blog everyday, and if I was one of the Some People, I'd get pretty pissed off with me for cribbing so regularly (or irregularly, cos my net often sucks). So I won't crib. Not today, in any case.

Also *ta da!* my nets working. Finally. Its a beautiful feeling- I was starting to get used to feeling like a villager. Now I'll go back to blogging in my regular (and loserly) fashion.

Also, randomly, here's a line I discovered in Desecration Smile that I'd somehow not noticed before- I love the feeling when it falls apart..

I like.

Also, F, R, listen to Still, by Foo Fighters if you haven't already. Please. I don't have the song myself, but I'm already tripping on it in my head.

River stones and broken bones
Scattered on the hill
Promise I will be forever yours.


And don't worry, those are just lines are from the song.



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One thought on “:)

  1. Naah.. you need to cheer up.. and listen to better music.. by better me means more cheerful… not the sad sappy stuff…. PS: try the Juno soundtrack… :D

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