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Comode Chronicles: Part 1

Heres a little gem everyone who has ever felt like shit needs to know- we are all stuck in a vicious circle we can't break out of. The Circle of Shit. I'd elaborate, but I'm really not in the mood. So lets just say there's people and things that make us feel like shit, which makes us say and do things we regret saying and doing half a minute after we say and do them, which makes us feel like shit all over again. So eventually, we end up feeling like an intensely super-stinky pile of crap. Which is sufficient reason to believe that the world is a comode and we are all lonely little pieces of turd,but thats disgusting, and its not, so screw that train of thought.

So anyway, I'll give all of you regular updates about what particular thing makes me feel like shit on which particular day.

Today: Well. A hundred things, actually, and inspite of my foul mood I'm not bored enough to list all of them. If you really feel like finding out you can pick up the phone and call me. Of cos, that doesn't mean you WILL find out cos its not like I'm telling, so yeah.

Heres one random day-spoiler that contributes to my Comode-Inmate sentiments today- I spent a lot of the day painting pigs on my OG file. I like painting once in a while, and I particularly liked painting today, cos I don't suck at it and also cos pigs are cute. But. When you spend 80% of your day painting pigs floating around in the sky and doing a Floyd, it kinda makes you feel like hiding the file and promising people you're not a loser. I mean, seriously, its just a stupid file. Thank you God, for not giving me a life to speak of. I hope Heaven is one giant comode too; it'd be easier for us humans to forgive you then.

Day-spoiler two: I have a strong feeling that I actually might have listed a lot more of my Day-spoilers here (yes, I lied when I said "I'm not bored enough to list all of them"). But I didn't. Cos I'm not bored enough. Ha!

Fyn. That was Lie Number Two (and a pathetic Lie Number Two at that). Here's the Real Reason I'm Stopping At One Day-spoiler: I'm in a cyber and I don't know when I'll have to log off.

I suck.


ps: I'm a fun person in real life. I swear. 

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