Vox Imports

Riot Act

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with the Pearl Jam album of the same name. The choice of title just relects my musical preferences for Random Reasons.

I'm stuck in a random place with no way to go home. Time to think about riots and how they inconvenience people.



Okay I'm done thinking. I intended to write a long post about riots and how they inconvenience people (me), but I'm sort of not in the mood. So lets follow my train of thought.

I want Amul Kool Kool Koko. In case you haven't tried it, it's heaven.

My eyes gotten worse btw, just in case you'll care.

Please note the tone of hurt. This whole riot thing has got me thinking- I'm thinking, nobody really cares much about me. As in, no one wanted to know if I died in the bomb blast in Thane, and now no one cares if the sards chase me with swords or something.. Which only goes to show that you can't count people as friends just cos they call you on your birthday- I suspect facebook alerts have got a lot to do with that particular phenomenon. Someday I'll die in a natural disaster of some sort and no one will find out till November 5th when facebook reminders prompt people to call and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

So much for frandship.


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