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Weird things (part 1)

Hello all.

I saw my nephew yesterday after ages. Turns out his vocabulary's been increasing. This is how his phone conversations go-
Kiki kiki kiki (its what he calls me) quack quack (duck) feee (fish) pipuhPYE (butterfly) mamoo (mango) kaa (car) kaa kaa (crow) aava ava! (tone of urgency, in case I'm planning to hang up) bye.

So basically it's just a list of all the words he knows. Hehehe.
But let me not digress. The point of this post is to talk about a weird thing that happened to me (part 1). In this case it was an Almost Fracturing Nose Due To Baby thing. It's a short story..

I was sleeping.
Baby was sleeping.
We were sleeping next to each other.
Baby woke up in order to turn.
Baby turned violently.
Baby smashed head into my nose.
I woke up screaming.
Baby confused.
Baby crying.

So thats that. Eventually, my nose got swelled up. (Not bad enough to make me look ugly, thank god.) It even bled a bit. Its an ordinary enough story, but I bet not too many people have had a baby almost break their nose. And just in case a baby HAS almost broken your nose, I think your nose-breaking baby should meet my nose-beaking-baby. They'll hit it off like a house on fire.
And no, I don't want to hear any Shes-so-skinny-even-babies-can-break-her-nose jokes, thank you. Take a baby and get him to ram his head into your nose and I promise you it will hurt like *&^^%%*)$@ hell, even if you're Hulk Hogan.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the Woman On Station Who Insisted On Feeding Me thing.


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