Vox Imports

All of them

We make friends and we lose them. Here's to evryone who means a lot to me. Or who did mean a lot to me at some point.

To ____, who grew up with me, who is the only one remaining from back then. I still tell you everything.

To ______, who changed after she met me. Twice. I saw you break. I'm breaking the same way now, but I just handle it better. My favourite person. Luv ya :)

To ______. You were the same as me. Nice to have you back :)

To ______. Thank you for the vices :) And the music. I don't tell you everything anymore, but you're still you and I still understand.  

To __. Forty man. All the times we've mourned together..you know most whats in my head. What would I do without you?

To ___. Thank you for not judging me. Not aloud in any case. I know you're not like me.

To ______. You'll watch out for me and I'll watch out for you. No matter how little we have in common.

_____. A random beautiful thing happened last December that I'm still paying for. Faster than friendships move, and I lost you in the middle of March.



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