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Gmail convo with Zeenie:- 



me: i kno
not as untechsavvy as i used to be
 zeenat: how how
 me: not
i kno dat if i prop my feet up on the carton below my desk im in danger of switchin off my comp wid my feet by mistake
so i make sure i sit still.
 zeenat: thats human right violations kitu
you have the right to freedom of movement
 me: but but but
i want my comp n n i also want to stretch my legs
i cn move my left foot..
 Sent at 4:58 PM on Thursday
 zeenat: what if you suffer from atrophy
in your right leg
 me: i wont
 zeenat: [not withstanding brain atrophy of course]
 me: once in a wile i change position so my rite leg can move
i take off my shoes n sit lik a buddha on my chair sumtimes
 zeenat: thats a good thing
 me: [ignores comment in brackets]
like a buddha
 Sent at 5:01 PM on Thursday


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