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I, Sherlock.

I was thinking about my old guitar Eddie yesterday, which made me remember the spiders. I wonder where they are now. I know you feel lost, dear reader, and so I will go on and tell about The Spiders.

Well, my old Granada (which was called Eddie and which I sold because my hands were not big enough for it) had spiders in it. Actually I only ever saw one spider, but I KNOW there was a whole family in it, AND I knew it BEFORE I saw the spider too. Call me Sherlock. No actually don’t its the sort of name you get ragged for having. But I did read the Complete Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes when I was a kid, and I think (even if I may say so myself) that my brain, with its superior IQ (132 according to facebook so ha!) couldn’t help but pick up a few tips from Holmes. Just a side-effect of being smart.

And now for The Mystery Of The Recurring Web And Who Made It.

Evidence of The Spider

Well, everytime I used to take Eddie out of his case there used to be a web-thread in the hole of the sound box. And I’m quite an observant person, so I noticed.  Everytime I saw it there I used to break it and say tsk tsk. (And then I used to play, alternating between soft and loud, in order to confuse The Spider.)

The Spider

Turns out I was right after all, cos this one time I was playing some Incubus, a Spider (an astonishingly industrious one too- it was making a web WHILE I was playing) came crawling out to the A-string. I waited till he was out in the open, then scooped him out with a plec and sent him scuttling out of the window and felt a little bit triumphant. Loser. Sigh.

The Family

So now you know about The Spider And How I Got Rid Of It. So you will assume, as I did, that the web-thread wouldn’t return. But it did.
Which only goes to show that it wasn’t just One Spider in my guitar, but a whole Spider Family.

Elementary, dear Watson.

PS: I also found a web-thread once in my new guitar Eddie (and no, its not the only name I can think of, my ipod is called Mojo Jojo if you must know). So I thought the Spider Family found its way back to me. Pretty sweet of them, plus spiders ARE quite cute; so I tried not to upset them with loud music. But turns out they just wanted to party, cos they went away. So much for being considerate. Next time you see a spider I suggest you just squish it and don’t worry about its comfort and all that.

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